I am getting a face lift but I have aquestion, I have with a moderate amount of white facial hair on my chin which i shave off every day. “Will the hair in that area be in a different spot if I get a face lift? Is their any way to remove the hair in that area during a face lift.

A lower facelift is a wonderful treatment option to address jowl formation, descent of facial tissues, neck skin laxity, neck muscle banding, and/or fullness of the central neck. With a facelift, one can achieve a more youthful neckline, a more contoured jawline, and re-positioning of facial tissues thus giving a natural result. A facelift may re-position certain skin lesions/growths/hair, however, this depends entirely upon the location of the lesion/growth/hair. Depending upon the location of the hair, there are methods we use in the operating room in which we can alter the hair follicle to decrease the appearance of hair in a specific region.