Intense pulsed light treatments, or IPL, are available to patients seeking to eliminate cosmetic irregularities of the skin such as spider veins (broken capillaries) and brown spots (age spots, liver spots, solar lentigines). In addition to treating these discolorations, photofacial treatments can actually improve the quality of the skin through the promotion of collagen and elastin production. In addition, this multitasking machine addresses hair removal needs. Intense pulsed light treatments are safely and effectively used on most areas of the face and body.

The light utilized by IPL is powerful, and directs energy below the surface of the skin. Though similar to cosmetic laser treatments, IPL varies by the type of light that is output as well as the expected results. Laser skin corrections are very specific to a single issue, whereas IPL offers a broader spectrum of treatment, which may be less intense. Though results are somewhat limited with IPL treatments in comparison to laser treatments, the former regimen costs less to undergo and can treat many issues at once. Like many other cosmetic skin treatments, IPL must be repeated for optimum results. It is recommended that most IPL patients attend three to six treatment sessions. The treatments are spaced every three to four weeks to allow the skin changes to take effect. Each session takes no longer than thirty minutes to complete, though complex cases may cause variations.

IPL Treatments n Newport Beach

The discomfort associated with IPL treatment is similar to laser treatments. The machine combines heat with light, though the superficial layer of skin is not negatively impacted by either. More serious skin issues may occur if people with olive or darker skin tones opt to undergo intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments. The skin may darken on these patients, so treatment may not be advised.

The use of light procedures – both laser and IPL – is not mandated, which means that even employees who work in day spas may be operating this equipment with little or no training. It is far more preferable to visit experienced skin care professionals like facial plastic surgeon Dr. Batniji and his expert staff to ensure patient safety and satisfaction.

Rami K. Batniji, M.D., F.A.C.S. is a renowned facial plastic surgeon in Newport Beach, California. The doctor offers a plethora of both surgical and non-surgical options to suit all patients’ needs. In addition to IPL treatments, patients can receive skin resurfacing, specialized skin care consultations, and Exilis, which transfers radiofrequency to the skin of the face. Set up your consultation with Dr. Batniji today by calling 949-650-8882.