I would like a brow lift. I have forehead wrinkles, and I think it would pull up my brows just a bit so that they don’t overshadow my eyes as much. I have read about the endoscopic browlift. I understand that the incision is in the hairline, but I don’t understand the procedure after that. What happens and what type of sedation is necessary?

It sounds like your brow is slightly lower in position, causing the appearance of hooding of skin in the upper eyelid. A browlift can re-position the brows to a more natural position, thus alleviating the heaviness of the upper eyelid/brow complex. You are correct in that the incisions for a brow lift are within the hair, so the incisions are well hidden. Through these incisions, I release the attachments of the brow, elevate the brow into a more youthful position, and fixate the brows in that elevated position. There are 2 methods I currently use to maintain elevation of the brow. One is with a device called an Endotine, which is a dissolvable material that holds the brow in its elevated position. The other method I use is a suture. The suture is also dissolvable. It takes several weeks for the brow to re-attach to the bone of the forehead in this more elevated position; therefore, the fixation method (Endotine or suture) needs to last for those weeks. Both of these fixation methods last enough time to maintain the more youthful position of the brow.

Posted by Rami K. Batniji, M.D., F.A.C.S.