I will be getting a neck lift. I am worried about the bruising and swelling afterwards. Will the swelling make it feel like it is difficult to breathe? Will there be any numbness in the area?

In order to minimize bruising after surgery, I recommend you avoid aspirin and ibuprofen-containing products 2 weeks prior to surgery. As well, there are a variety of herbal/homeopathic medicine that increase bruising and swelling. These should be avoided 2 weeks prior to surgery. High blood pressure increases risk of bruising and swelling. Head of bed elevation after surgery decreases bruising and swelling. Arnica Montana, a homeopathic medication, may decrease bruising and swelling. Following necklift, if one experiences swelling, it usually does not make it difficult to breathe. There usually is numbness of the skin of the neck following necklift; this is normal and typically resolves within weeks after surgery.

Posted by Rami K. Batniji, M.D., F.A.C.S.