I have loose, sagging wrinkles under my lower eyelids. What options do I have to address this issue?

You have a few different options. One option is skin resurfacing with a fractionated laser. Another option is a chemical peel with 88% phenol. Both of these resurfacing options will address the loose, sagging wrinkles of the lower eyelids. Some things to consider before these resurfacing procedures are performed include your skin type and the laxity of the lower eyelid support. Another options is a skin pinch, which is a surgical procedure to trim the excess skin. Again, lower eyelid support is important to evaluate prior to this procedure. If lower eyelid support is not very good, I would perform a lateral canthopexy to further support the lower eyelid in conjunction with these procedures. Some other things to consider include Botox to address crow’s feet and an eye cream to address dehydrated skin; we recommend IS Clinical eye cream for this condition.

Posted by Rami K. Batniji, M.D., F.A.C.S.