I had a rhinoplasty procedure about 4 days ago and I still have bruises around my eyes. Is this normal? How long should it take for the bruises to go away?

We do a variety of things to help minimize bruising. First, we want to avoid aspirin and ibuprofen-containing products 2 weeks before surgery as these increase the risk of bruising. Second, we want to avoid certain herbal medicines, such as Gingko Biloba, which may increase the risk of bruising. Third, we incorporate the use of certain herbal medicines, such as Arnica Montana, to help minimize bruising. Other herbal medicines which may help minimize bruising include Traumeel and Bromelain. Finally, ice application, head of bed elevation, and a cool soft diet also help minimize bruising in the postoperative period. That said, you may still experience bruising after rhinoplasty. If so, it typically lasts approximately 1 week.