I am Asian-American and am seeking a consultation on rhinoplasty. I would like to have the bridge of my nose raised and narrowed and also have the width of my nose at the nostrils narrowed. I believe that this means some type of augmentation. Can this be done without detracting from my Asian features?

Yes, rhinoplasty can be performed without detracting from your Asian features. To narrow the nostrils, I look at the nostril width and the skin at the floor of the nose. Through a small incision placed strategically at the crease between the nostril and the face, the nostrils can be narrowed. To add volume to the bridge of the nose, I like to use your own cartilage rather than an implant. Depending upon how much augmentation is needed, I may recommend cartilage from the septum, the ear, or the rib. We like to use a blanket covering material from the scalp, called fascia, to wrap around the cartilage so that it can give you a natural result that doesn’t detract from your Asian features…this is known as diced cartilage with fascia.