I have begin researching facelifts and I read often that some people are better “candidates” than others. I am a 42 year old woman with no health concerns, but what are other considerations?

Your overall health is an important component when I consider whether you are a good “candidate” for a facelift. To that end, we usually obtain an EKG and blood tests. If you did have a history of heart condition, high blood pressure, or other health concerns, we may also request an evaluation by a Cardiologist. Smoking significantly increases the risks of a facelift. Beyond these health concerns, other considerations include your ability to understand the procedure, it associated risks/benefits, and that you have a reasonable expectation as to the anticipated results of the procedure. A facelift is an excellent option for an individual who wishes to re-position facial tissues into a more youthful position, refine the jawline, treat jowl formation, and achieve a more youthful neckline.