I am 28 years old and in a profession where looks are everything. I really enjoy looking at before and after pictures of nose jobs and have chosen the type of nose that I would like to get. I know that rhinoplasty must cause black eyes and bruising. How long is it before a nose job looks 100% natural using makeup so I can get back to work?

Bruising is best controlled with intervention before, during and after surgery. Before surgery, we make certain that you are not taking medicines that may cause increased bruising, such as products that contain aspirin and ibuprofen. As well, some diet pills contain ingredients that may increase bruising. Some herbal medicines may increase bruising, therefore, we have a list of herbal medicines to avoid prior to surgery. To review this list, please click here. During surgery, we use techniques to minimize bruising. After surgery, the use of Arnica Montana and Traumeel helps minimize bruising and swelling. To review these products, please click here and here. As well, ice for the first 2 days after surgery and head of bed elevation helps minimize bruising. If you experience bruising, we incorporate Colorescience makeup at one week to minimize the appearance of any residual bruising.