I am a Middle Eastern woman with an extremely crooked nose. Will I be able to get this corrected without changing how I look?

If your nose is extremely crooked, a rhinoplasty may provide a nose that is straighter in appearance. It is challenging (if not impossible) to achieve a perfectly straight nose from an extremely crooked nose through rhinoplasty; however, it is possible to achieve a straighter nose. The potential causes for a crooked nose include trauma and congenital causes. The anatomic source of the crooked nose may be related to asymmetry of the nasal bones, severe septal deviation, and/or irregularities of nasal cartilages. a crooked nose may be associated with other facial asymmetries, both bony and soft tissue in nature. Another aspect of the nose that should be considered is a concha bullosa of the middle turbinate…a concha bullosa is a ballooning of the middle turbinate on one side, resulting in a shift of the septum to the other side. Partial removal of concha bullosa and septoplasty will allow the septum to return to a more midline position.