What is the follow-up care like after a facelift? How many check-ups will I need and for how long?

Following your facelift, you will be cared for by a nurse in a recovery suite for the first night. This is a complimentary service we provide all our facelift patients. The nurse is a professional, registered nurse who has many years of experience caring for plastic surgery patients. The morning after your facelift, I see you in follow up. I remove and replace a wrap dressing. During the facelift surgery, I place small drains to remove any fluid collection that may occur in the neck; on the second or third day after your facelift, I remove these small drains. You may begin showering once the drains are removed. The majority of the stitches that I use in facelift surgery are dissolvable; one week after your facelift, I remove any remaining stitches. For patients who fly in for a facelift, we ask they remain in town approximately 7-10 days after surgery.