I am a 61-year-old female and in the past 10 years I have developed a double chin. No matter how much I exercise or diet my chin remains in its unattractive state. Would a facelift correct this problem? How?

There are many definitions for the term “facelift.” When I say a facelift, I am referring to a procedure that achieves refinement of the jawline, addresses jowls, and establishes a more youthful neck contour. This is performed through an incision that is well concealed by following the natural contours of the ears. For patients with heaviness of the neck and loss of youthful neck contour, I recommend we address the neck issue through a small incision underneath the chin. Through this incision, I perform liposuction and tighten the neck muscles that cause neck banding. Often, I combine this procedure with a facelift to further refine the neckline, jawline, and reposition the jowls.