I’m African American, 33, female. My last nose job was two years ago and involved a Goretex implant to fix a  low nasal bridge. I know have a pollybeak deformity which I think is due to improper placement of the implant. Can this be fixed?

Yes, the implant can either be modified or removed and replaced.  If removed and replaced, the question is what should we replace the implant with?  Options include a similar implants as you previously had.  Another option is using your own cartilage, from the rib, with a covering of temporalis fascia, to achieve the desired result.  Of note, the pollybeak deformity you have may be due to scar tissue in the region above the tip of the nose; this region is called the supratip.  Steroid injection in this area may address the pollybeak appearance if the pollybeak is due to scar tissue.