A common question that many patients have before having a blepharoplasty is how soon they can wear makeup again. This is an understandable concern, but patients should follow all of their surgeon’s instructions for recovery.

After sutures have been removed (usually one week after surgery) and the swelling has subsided, some patients may wish to try to camouflage post-op discoloration. Some patients find this helpful while others do not feel it makes the area look any better.

Before using any sort of eyelid makeup after eyelid surgery, make sure that your surgeon thinks that it is safe. Do not apply any product directly on an open wound. This could cause an infection or permanent discoloration. It is also a good idea to use brand new makeup products to reduce the chance of contamination.

Pre-application of an eyelid moisturizing cream may make the application of any makeup easier, especially if the eyelids are tender. You should use a fresh sponge or cotton swab to apply makeup to the eyes and avoid heavy application. Do not use makeup with glitter or frosting because the particles may irritate the skin.

To conceal bruising, a regular foundation may be applied over a thin colored cream chosen to be the opposite of the color of the bruising. If the bruising is red, use of a thin green cream is effective. If the bruising is purple, use of a yellow cream conceals better. If bruising is yellow, it means that it is almost gone and you may wish to avoid anything more than your regular makeup. Mineral makeup or post-surgical makeup is often best and your surgeon or surgeon’s staff should be able to recommend a product for you.

After eyelid surgery, do not divert from your physician’s instructions for recovery without his or her explicit permission. Use the products that he or she suggests. If you are interested in blepharoplasty, the recovery process, or which types of makeup products are safe to use, contact Dr. Batniji of Batniji Facial Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, California, today for a consultation at (949) 650-8882.