Scar revision refers to a number of procedures that can reduce the appearance of unsightly scars. Some procedures work by diminishing redness associated with scars while others flatten raised scars or relocate scars to less conspicuous locations. Scar revision techniques involve injectable fillers, dermabrasion, laser resurfacing and excision.

If you are troubled by a scar, whether due to previous surgery or injury, scar revision may be right for you. According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), 10,218 scar revision procedures were performed by their member surgeons in 2012. Scar revision can reduce the appearance of scars or replace them with a less noticeable scar. People often choose to undergo scar revision procedures to improve or eliminate the appearance ofscarring caused by injury,accident, surgery and burns.

Scars from Injury

Scars resulting from injury or accident can be particularly prominent, especially on visible areas like the face and hands. Scar revision can remove or reduce the visibility of scars caused by trauma, including scars caused by body piercings.

Scars from Acne

Acne can also cause scars on an individual’s face and body. Popping or squeezing pimples can leave scars and marks on the face, but even if you are able to prevent doing so, acne conditions like cystic acne can cause scars. Excision is typically not recommended for acne scarring, but there are various other scar revision methods that can improve acne scars for a smoother appearance.

Scars from Burns

Burn scars are very different from the normal trauma scar and options are generally more limited. Nevertheless, burn scars can be improved.  There are various cosmetic procedures designed to treat burned scar tissue.

Abnormal or Excessive Scarring

For some individuals, scars develop abnormally. For instance, some people are prone to keloid scarring. While some of these abnormal scars can be diminished or excised, other scars might not be ideal for revision procedures.In fact some scars like keloid scars may return after revision. A qualified plastic surgeon can help you to determine the appropriate scar revision treatment for your individual scar.

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