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Brow Lift Photos - Case #14819

Patient Case #14819

Procedure: Brow Lift

Surgeon: Dr. Batniji

Location: Newport Beach, Ca

Procedure Detail: This 33 year old female presented with an interest in addressing the hooding of the upper eyelid. On examination, Dr. Batniji noted she did not have excess skin of the upper eyelid; however, he did notice the brow was positioned in such a way as to decrease the appearance of the upper eyelid crease. In an effort to provide a more natural appearance to the upper third of the face, Dr. Batniji performed the following:

  • Endoscopic brow (forehead) lift. Dr. Batniji performs his endoscopic brow lifts through small incisions within the hairline. He incorporates the use of Botox 2 weeks prior to the surgery to enhance the results. Through this surgery, Dr. Batniji was able to re-position the eyebrows, thus providing a more youthful and natural appearance to the upper eyelid crease and upper eyelid.
Brow Lift
Brow Lift

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