It’s a common assumption that plastic surgeons are all about performing surgery. Perhaps it’s because there isn’t a way to refer to their specialty without also including surgery or surgeon. But the doctors that work to correct and restore the form and function of the body have a growing number of non-surgical procedures available. Some of these options include injectable fillers like Botox and Juvederm, skin resurfacing treatments like chemical peels and lasers, skin care products like Vivite and Oxygenetix, and eyelash enhancers like Latisse.

Dr. Batniji specializes only in the face and neck regions. In this, he is among only a handful of doctors in Southern California. As a result he is able to ensure the best results to rejuvenate those areas in a way that is natural in appearance, both surgically and non-surgically.

Dr. Batniji: On the Forefront

Dr. Batniji is on the cutting edge in the area of non-surgical products. He was chosen as a member of Allergan’s Advisory Board for Voluma. It is the first and only treatment available for volume loss in the cheeks. Previously it had only been available in Europe, Canada, and Australia, but was FDA-approved in October 2013 for use in the cheeks and mid-face.

Before it was approved for use here in the United States, the only option available was a surgical lift to restore volume. With Voluma, it is now a simple, and reversible, 15-minute in-office procedure with no to minimal downtime. Each injection lasts about two years. Click here to see a video of Dr. Batniji discussing Voluma on Good Day LA’s New Year’s Day 2014 episode.

Extensive Choices

Dr. Batniji and his staff continually evaluate non-surgical treatments. They also know that facial rejuvenation is a highly individual process. The goal is always to achieve a more youthful, harmonious appearance that still looks natural. Therefore to achieve that goal each treatment is tailored for the desired results.

There are injectable fillers, like the latest one described above.

But chemical peels might be recommended to exfoliate and promote the production of collagen. There are superficial peels that contain AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) and often consist of glycolic acid. Then there are medium chemical peels. They contain TCA (trichloaracetic acid) and treat deeper layers of skin than superficial peels. The most potent peels use phenol and penetrate the deepest.

Lasers work similarly and also use a variety of technologies for different needs.

Schedule an Appointment to Learn More

If you’d like to know more and have an evaluation please contact the office of Dr. Rami K. Batniji M.D., F.A.C.S. at his Beverly Hills (310-467-2180) or Newport Beach/Orange County office (949-650-8882). Prospective patients can also email the staff to schedule an initial consultation to discuss any concerns or questions.

Dr Batniji is board-certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and by the American Board of Otolaryngology. He has written extensively in a number of medical journals and spoken regularly at medical conferences and mass media. Click here to see the doctor’s full bio.