How often are chin implants combined with rhinoplasty when you want to improve an overprojected nose?

During the initial consultation, I examine the nose and how the nose relates to the other facial features. It is important to assess facial harmony and balance. I have patients who come to me for a rhinoplasty to address an over-projected nose (Pinocchio is a classic example of an over-projected nose). However, during the initial consultation and my evaluation, I may notice the patient has a very small chin. On profile, a small chin will make a nose appear bigger. Sometimes, this is difficult to conceptualize; therefore, I perform digital imaging to demonstrate the benefit of a chin implant to patients who have an over-projected nose and a small chin. I feel digital imaging is an excellent way for me and my patients to review facial harmony concepts and evaluate the nose-chin relationship, particularly for the profile view. As such, I include digital imaging for most, if not all, my rhinoplasty consultations. For a further review on chin implants, please click here.