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Skin Lesion Removal Photos - Case #15208

Patient Case #15208

Procedure: Skin Lesion Removal

Surgeon: Dr. Batniji

Location: Newport Beach, Ca

Procedure Detail: This 68 year old patient presented to Dr. Batniji in consultation for evaluation of a right cheek mole that recently grew larger. Dr. Batniji recommended excisional biopsy and plastic surgery closure as moles that change in shape, size, and/or color may be at risk for cancer. The after photo demonstrates the result one week after the procedure, following removal of skin stitches. Dr. Batniji places dissolvable deep stitches to improve the result. As well, he makes specific recommendations regarding post-surgical care, such as sunblock and silicone-based scar medication, to minimize the appearance of a scar. The ultimate result is a faint, thin line that falls within the natural facial lines.

Skin Lesion Removal
Skin Lesion Removal

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