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Do You Need Liposuction to Achieve Your Facelift Results?

A facelift surgery often involves several steps in order to achieve your desired results. As part of this intricate and delicate procedure, your facial plastic surgeon will remove or redistribute the fat cells that have collected around the chin and jaw. What exactly is meant by removing and redistributing this fat? Some patients have a […]

Plastic Surgeons: It’s Not Just Surgery

It’s a common assumption that plastic surgeons are all about performing surgery. Perhaps it’s because there isn’t a way to refer to their specialty without also including surgery or surgeon. But the doctors that work to correct and restore the form and function of the body have a growing number of non-surgical procedures available. Some […]

A Quick Overview of Eyelid Surgery

If you are looking tired and a bit aged, or beyond your years, then eyelid surgery (or blepharoplasty as it is medically known) may provide the youthful and refreshed appearance that eludes you. There are two types of blepharoplasty: upper and lower — depending on the eyelid being treated. They are both the result of […]

Put Your Best Chin Forward

A strong chin has long been associated with leadership, forthrightness, and even manliness. There’s Spartacus as portrayed by Kirk Douglas leading a slave revolt in Rome, George Washington fighting the British, or even Buzz Lightyear saving other toys, “to infinity… and beyond!” But it’s not just men who are concerned with their chins. You don’t […]

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