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Combining Neck Lift and Facelift Surgeries for Best Results

Facelift surgery offers men and women many different anti-aging benefits, often erasing up to a decade from their appearance. Because aging doesn’t magically stop at the jawline, however, many patients find that the signs of aging on their neck become more obvious after a facelift. Neck lift surgery can be the perfect answer to the […]

How to Manage Bad Results From Your Rhinoplasty

When you’re planning for a rhinoplasty, you might already be worried about the consequences of what happens if something goes wrong. On the other hand, the idea might never cross your mind. While it’s good to be prepared, stressing out about results that haven’t happened yet won’t help you at all. When your procedure is […]

Something to Raise an Eyebrow At

Latisse is a cosmetic hair growth treatment that was developed by Allergan after the drug manufacturer created eye drops with a reported side effect of thicker eyelashes. Combining the medical and cosmetic worlds, this drug has been used for inadequate eyelashes. Latisse is currently approved by the FDA for the upper eyelids only. A second […]

Your Pre-Op Facelift Checklist

Preparing for a facelift surgery might just be enough to cause a panic attack unless you know how to plan and check off your to-do list. There are many things to be done ahead of time to ensure a smooth recovery and your best results. Follow the instructions of your plastic surgeon to be sure […]

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