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Is There a Link Between Selfies and Plastic Surgery?

No, according to the Washington Post. The news and entertainment website out of our nation’s capital claims that not only do the self-captured photographs titled the “selfie”not actually lead to an increase in face and body consciousness, but the purported linkage from surveying plastic surgeons is weak at best. The site reports that children are […]

Lower Blepharoplasty Patients

All too often, patients who visit a facial plastic surgeon to remove their under eye bags explain they have grown weary of constantly being asked if they are tired. The look of perpetual sleepiness is, after all, everyone’s concern. A spouse may want to ensure your health, or whether or not you are able to […]

Raising a Brow: A Potential New Use for Latisse

Though hair growth accelerator Latisse has been FDA-approved as an eyelash growth product specifically for use on the upper eyelids, this product has also successfully regrown eyebrow hairs. Considered an “off-label” use as an eyebrow growth product, or one for which it was not solely intended, Latisse may offer patients an alternative to over-plucked, thinning, […]

The Decision to Undergo Asian Eyelid Surgery

Variety is the spice of life, and this notion translates to everything from cultures of a nation to the ways its people look. As an immigrant rich country, the United States is perhaps home to the widest variety of ethnicities. Though beauty ideals have broadened, there seem to be some preferred facial plastic surgery options […]

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