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Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer Skin cancer is the most widely diagnosed cancer in the United States. It is one of the most preventable and one of the most easily detectable as well. You should know the causes, signs, and treatment options in order to prevent its occurrence or treat it before it becomes unmanageable. Cause The most […]

Facelift Longevity

Facelift Longevity A facelift is a major surgical procedure and, as such, most patients expect the results to last longer than a less invasive procedure such as an injectable filler. On average, the results from facelifts can be seen for approximately 10 years. In order for the results to last as long as possible, patients […]

Teenage Rhinoplasty

If your teenager asks you for a nose job for his or her birthday, you probably shouldn’t run down to the nearest plastic surgeon, but you also shouldn’t immediately deny their request. Rhinoplasty is the most common type of cosmetic surgery performed on teenagers. It is not unheard of for teens to return from summer […]

Fat Transfer vs. Synthetic Fillers

Injectable fillers and fat transfer are popular with patients seeking more volume in the face or the reversal of smile and frown lines. The difference between fat and synthetic fillers is sometimes unclear and it is advised that anyone considering facial fillers consult a physician for an accurate recommendation for their needs. Fat Transfer Fat […]

How long does a facelift last?

How many years does a typical facelift last before it starts to “sag”? Recent studies in the medical literature demonstrate that a well, performed facelift that addresses the deeper layer of the facial tissues (known as the SMAS) provide results that last an estimated 7-11 years.

Nose job to treat non-allergic rhinitis

I have non-allergic rhinitis. Is it possible for someone with this condition to have rhinoplasty? It is possible for you to have a rhinoplasty to address the appearance of the nose. Occasionally, we combine rhinoplasty with functional surgery, such as septoplasty to correct a deviated septum and turbinate surgery to address enlarged turbinates. One of […]

Filing down or breaking the nose during a nose job

When removing a hump or bump on the nose, what are the instances when it would be filed down versus broken? A bump/hump along the bridge of the nose can bony and/or cartilaginous in nature. Traditional approaches to reducing a bony bump/hump along the bridge of the nose include rasping with a carbide tungsten rasp […]

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