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How does laser resurfacing work?

I don’t understand how laser skin resurfacing can be used to treat deep wrinkles. Could you please explain the process to me? I’m from San Diego and interested in some facial rejuvenation. Laser resurfacing delivers heat to the deeper layers of skin where collagen exists.  The heat causes collagen to reform, thus resulting in tighter, […]

Can a chin implant add more prominence to the chin?

Can a chin implant add more prominence to the chin and also fix an underbite? A chin implant can improve upon the chin projection but it does not correct an underbite.  I recommend you consider a consultation with an oral maxillofacial surgeon to discuss other options that may be more beneficial for correcting an underbite.

Do most doctors use powered rasps nowadays for rhinoplasty?

Do most doctors use powered rasps nowadays for rhinoplasty? What’s the benefit over a manually powered rasp? No, most surgeons do not use powered rasps.  I have been using powered rasps for over 2 years.  This technology allows me to shave down the bony hump of a nose with great precision and minimal trauma to […]

How do you make a large nose smaller?

How do you make a nose that’s too large smaller with rhinoplasty? There are a variety of methods we use to make a large nose smaller.  For example, if you have a big hump along the bridge of the nose, we can refine that hump using precise micro-rasps.  Unlike traditional methods of taking down a […]

What are special rhinoplasty techniques?

I keep hearing that patients of ethnicity have thicker skin and that special techniques need to be used for rhinoplasty, but what are these special techniques? In ethnic rhinoplasty, some patients may have thicker skin.  Patients with thicker nasal skin pose a challenge to achieve refinement of the nasal tip.  There are some special techniques […]

How is alloderm used?

Is alloderm a good choice when the nose needs to be built up? How is it used? While alloderm has been used with nice results, I tend to prefer using your own tissue to build the nose back up.  My preferred material is something called temporalis fascia.  This is a thin layer that covers a […]

Can a chin implant help with appearance?

I’ve heard that chin implant surgery and rhinoplasty are often combined. How does getting a chin implant help with the appearance of the nose? Occasionally, I see patients in consultation who wish to achieve a smaller nose.  In other words, the patient believes the nose is too long for the face.  During the consultation, I […]

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