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Fat transfer for dark circles and hollowed area under eyes

I’ve got dark circles and hollowness under my eyes. Can fat transfer be used to improve this and is it safe? There are several possible causes for dark circles around the eyes. Some are medical conditions, like allergies and/or thyroid disorders. Identification of these potential medical conditions and, if present, treatment can improve upon the […]

Dangers of silicone cheek implants

I am considering cheek implants. I understand that they are made of a hard silicone. Is there any danger of this material being in your body? Risks of facial implants include (but not limited to) pain, infection, bleeding, improper position, need for removal and/or replacement. The benefit of facial implants is that it augments areas […]

Internet consultation for a nose job

I live about 3 hours from Newport Beach and I’d like to know if it would be possible to first consult via the Internet and/or phone regarding rhinoplasty before coming in to see you. We do offer the opportunity for patients to arrange for consultation via phone and/or internet as an initial consultation. Assuming you […]

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