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Comparing types of lasers for skin resurfacing

There seem to be a lot of different lasers used for laser skin resurfacing. Does it make that much of a difference which laser is used? What are some of the more common or more effective lasers and what are they appropriate for treating? There are several companies that manufacture several types of lasers for […]

How long do necklift results last?

Hi. I am 54 years old and would like a neck lift. My 56-year-old sister and I have the same wrinkled neck and she is interested in one as well. How long do the effects of the neck lift generally last? Does the tightened skin continue to wrinkle at the same rate? A necklift is […]

Scar revision techniques

What exactly is the process for scar revision? Scar revision refers to a procedure that addresses the appearance of a scar. There are several different types of procedures available for scar revision. For example, skin resurfacing procedures may improve upon the appearance of a scar; those skin resurfacing procedures include laser resurfacing. Surgery is another […]

Deciding how your nose will look with a rhinoplasty

I’m from Newport Beach and interested in getting a nose job. I’ve been looking through magazines to get an idea of what I would like my nose to look like. If I find a picture I really like, is it possible to make my nose look just like it? When you come to see me […]

Long term results for an Asian rhinoplasty

I’m 27, Asian, and I’d like to get a nose job. I heard that the nose grows and changes as you get older. Is this true? What does this mean for the results of the nose job then? The nose does change over time. For example, the nasal tip support mechanisms may weaken over time, […]

Placement of cheek lift incisions

For the cheek lift, where are the incisions made? I understand that you’re doing work in the cheek area as well as the temple area. Does this mean that incisions are made in both areas? An isolated cheek lift incorporates an incision in the temple, under the lower eyelid, and occasionally inside the mouth. Sometimes, […]

Anticipating blepharoplasty results

What sort of results can I expect from eyelid surgery? I perform upper eyelid and lower eyelid surgery. The indications for upper eyelid surgery include laxity of upper lid skin resulting in a hooded appearance of the upper lids. Trimming of this excess skin can result in a brighter, more open, appearance to the eyes. […]

Fixing the appearance of an old broken nose

I’m from Newport Beach and I have a very noticeable twisted nose due to breaking it when I was younger. How is this fixed? A twisted nose is corrected with surgery. This surgery usually incorporates rhinoplasty (changing the appearance of the nose) as well as addressing a deviated nasal septum (septoplasty). Sometimes insurance may cover […]

Side effects and redness after laser resurfacing

How long after a laser skin resurfacing procedure will I be free of any visible side effects? It depends. If you have severe facial lines, wrinkles, and sun-damaged skin, you would benefit from a more intense laser resurfacing which may result a social downtime of approximately 7-10 days and some redness to the skin lasting […]

Long term results of fat transfer

I would like the fat transfer procedure to fill out my cheeks. Do you overfill the area expecting it to reduce over time? Can the crow’s feet around my eyes be treated with fat transfer as well? Fat transfer to the cheeks is a wonderful way to achieve volume in volume-depleted areas. Do I overfill […]

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