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Is a neck lift the only procedure that will eliminate this unwanted skin below my chin?

I’m from Southern California and I have a large flap of skin the hangs down below my chin. Is a neck lift the only procedure that will eliminate this unwanted skin? A neck lift is an excellent option for reducing the appearance of excess neck skin. The procedure is performed through an incision underneath the […]

Is an otoplasty surgery easier the younger the patient is?

My daughter is seven years old and has ears that stick out from her face. She’s always being teased about her ears, and my husband and I are contemplating an ear pinning procedure for her.  I heard that the younger someone is, the easier this type of surgery is. Could you please tell me if […]

Can IPL help to get rid of freckles?

Can IPL help to get rid of freckles? While IPL may help reduce the appearance of freckles, proper skin care is important in maintaining the results achieved from IPL, otherwise those freckles may return. Proper skin care includes the use of a good sunscreen (we recommend EltaMD or Colorescience). Occasionally, a bleaching cream may be […]

Would you be able to remove the silicone implant in my nose?

I have a silicone implant in my nose from a previous nose job. Would you be able to remove it and sculpt my nose in a new way? Yes, we can remove a silicone implant and achieve refinement using your own cartilage. The source of your own cartilage may include the nasal septum, ear cartilage, […]

Healing and scars after a forehead lift

Where are the incisions made for a forehead lift? How bad is the scarring? At my Newport Beach cosmetic surgery practice, I perform forehead lift surgery through small incisions that are well hidden within the hair. I use endoscopic instruments through these incisions to re-position the brow. Scars from these incisions heal very well and […]

Surgery for puffy eyes

I’ve heard that people often have eyelid surgery to fix drooping eyelids. My upper eyelids look puffy all the time. Can this be fixed with surgery? It depends. There are some medical conditions that cause puffy eyes, including allergies and thyroid disease. Surgery is not indicated for these medical conditions. However, if your issues are […]

When to have a tip rhinoplasty

I’ve read of certain rhinoplasties referred to as “tip rhinoplasty”. I’m in Newport Beach and have never had plastic surgery. All I want done for my nose job is to have my tip fixed because it’s too bulbous. Is this tip rhinoplasty? Is this less extensive than a full nose job surgery? You are correct. […]

My nostrils are not symmetrical. Should I have this corrected?

I had a nose job a couple years ago from a doctor in SoCal who is now retired. I am satisfied with the shape. However the nostrils do not seem symmetrical. Should I have this corrected or just forget about it? Symmetry is a challenge in facial plastic surgery and most facial plastic surgeons discourage […]

How are grafts secured during a nose job?

When using grafts for a nose job, how are they secured so that they don’t move around? I use your own cartilage when creating grafts during rhinoplasty.  I secure these grafts with stitches.

Does a chin implant feel unnatural?

I’m looking to have a chin augmentation, but does the implant feel fake?  Would my husband think it felt unnatural? During the initial healing process, you will have some swelling and you may have some numbness of the area of the chin/lower lip; these sensations may be perceived as unnatural.  However, after the swelling has […]

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