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Fat transfer for under the eye area

The area under my eyes is very hollow.  Is it possible to have a fat transfer in this area? Yes, it is possible to have fat transfer to hollow areas under the eyes.  Other alternatives include injection of hyaluronic acid filler (Restylane, for example) and lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) with fat transposition.  The fat transposition […]

Chin implant changing positions

I am considering chin augmentation.  What are the chances that a chin implant can shift positions? The risk of a chin implant shifting position is low.  There are several maneuvers utilized in the procedure to minimize this risk.  One technique I use is to limit the area of surgery so that the implant fits in […]

Is open rhinoplasty used for certain types of patients?

What is open rhinoplasty?  Is this procedure used to treat a specific type of patient? There are 2 approaches to rhinoplasty…open and closed.  The difference between the two is a small, well concealed incision in the skin of the nose between the nostrils; this incision is utilized with the open approach.  Although this incision is […]

Non-surgical facelift for a senior patient

I’m in my early 70s, from Newport Beach, and am contemplating getting some plastic surgery done. I’m apprehensive to undergo any type of surgery and would like to know some of your non-surgical options for a facelift. Some non-surgical options include filler augmentation.  We use fillers to the cheeks to address volume loss.  This provides […]

Chin implant for receding chin and jowls

I’ve always had something of a receding chin but I also think I’ve gotten a bit jowly as I’ve gotten older. Can a chin implant help both of these problems? The combination of a chin implant and lower facelift may be the best option for addressing your concerns of a receding chin and jowl formation.

Healing after a nose job with local anesthesia

After my rhinoplasty, how long do I need to wear that metal cover? Will I be able to drive home after the surgery? I am planning on having local anesthesia. The bandage along the bridge of the nose remains in place for one week; I remove it one week after surgery.  I do not recommend […]

Removing tissue to decrease the size of the nose

I’m Middle Eastern and I come from a family of oversized noses. While everyone else seems content with their nose, I am not.  My nose is large all around, large tip, large nostrils, and wide from the bridge to the base. I would like a total resculpting of my nose. If actual nose tissue is […]

I feel like my neck is very saggy, could a neck lift help?

I’m 39 but I feel like my neck is very saggy prematurely and that this really ages me. The sag started a few years ago when I lost about 40 lbs. Even though I feel pretty young for this, could a neck lift help? A necklift is an excellent option to address laxity of skin […]

I am of Persian descent and have a hook to my nose.

I have a very pronounced hook to my nose which I believe is fairly normal among those of Persian descent. Nevertheless, I do not like it and would like to improve. How much improvement can I expect? The “hook” appearance may be due to a combination of bump along the bridge of the nose and […]

My cheeks look like they’ve sunken in.

My cheeks look like they’ve sunken in. I’ve recently lost some weight so I don’t know if it’s associated with that or just age but I hate how they look. Can fillers help to fill them out a little? Yes, adding volume with fillers can address the loss of volume to the cheeks. A variety […]

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