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How does a wide nasal bridge affect a nose job?

What’s the best way to correct a wide nasal bridge? Does this usually require the nasal bone to be broken? This depends.  If the nasal bones are short, the nasal bony pyramid wide, and the dorsum is relatively shallow or weak, then augmentation of the dorsum will address the shallow/weak dorsum on profile and give […]

Ethnic rhinoplasty for an African American nose

I’m an African American living in Southern California and am interested in getting a nose job. I don’t want a “cookie cutter” nose that would be given to someone who’s Caucasian. How do you avoid this? Each ethnic rhinoplasty is performed so that the final result “fits the face.”  In other words, I take into […]

Lip augmentation

My lips have lost their fullness as I age.  I would love lip augmentation and would like to know how you do this procedure. Does this require more than one session? I use a dental block to minimize discomfort when performing lip augmentation.  I tend to favor hyaluronic acid fillers, such as Juvederm, for lip […]

How to choose the right laser for skin resurfacing

I’m interested in laser resurfacing and wondering if there’s one type of laser that’s considered the best or if different lasers are used for different problems. There are several great lasers in the market to address sun-damage skin and lines, wrinkles.  I tend to favor a fractionated CO2 laser.  I will do this procedure on […]

Injectables without pillow face

How do you avoid “pillow face” with injectable fillers? I avoid the over-filled appearance with injectable fillers through a conservative approach in the volumization of the face.  For example, the cheek region is a common area that we volumize with filler.  The reason we volumize this region is because it is the cheeks that lose […]

Bandaging after a nose job

I live in Duarte and am self-conscious about my appearance, which is one reason I am having a rhinoplasty.  How large and conspicuous are the bandages for rhinoplasty recovery? I place a small bandage over the bridge of the nose after your rhinoplasty, and leave it in place for one week after surgery.  After one […]

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