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Archive for April, 2012

Information about facial fat transfer

Where is the fat harvested for use in a facial fat transfer? Is the procedure invasive? Fat is usually harvested from the abdomen. Occasionally, patients desire body contouring (liposuction). I work with a board certified plastic surgeon who performs the body contouring procedure; he then provides me with the fat. I process the fat and […]

Fatty tissue under eyes – Is liposuction or blepharoplasty a solution?

I am 52 years old from Orange County, and look tired all of the time due to the dark bags under my eyes. It feels like fatty tissue. I would like the fat removed. Can this be accomplished with gentle liposuction or is blepharoplasty necessary? Liposuction for the bags underneath the eyes is not a […]

Local or general anesthesia for facelift?

What kind of anesthesia is used for a facelift? We have a board certified anesthesiologist conduct the anesthesia for our facelifts and it is usually general anesthesia.

Chin implants for an over-projected nose

How often are chin implants combined with rhinoplasty when you want to improve an overprojected nose? During the initial consultation, I examine the nose and how the nose relates to the other facial features. It is important to assess facial harmony and balance. I have patients who come to me for a rhinoplasty to address […]

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