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Plastic surgery for men – what about neck lifts?

Do you ever perform necklifts on men? What sort of results do they get? Yes, we do perform necklift surgery on men. Men who seek out necklift usually have fullness underneath the chin due to excess fatty tissue as well as neck muscle bands. As well, they have excess skin. Typically, I perform neck liposuction […]

Botox and fillers for jowl lines on former smoker

I used to smoke and I’ve just started to notice that I’m getting some awful vertical lines above my lip. Can fillers fix these? Vertical lip lines have a few potential treatment options, depending upon the severity of the lines as well as your skin type and preference. One option is Botox to soften the […]

Revision rhinoplasty to fix a wide bridge

I had a nose job two years ago. It was to repair a broken nose I had as a child. It looks good except that the bridge is too wide.  I didn’t think it was too wide at first but now it seems so. Is a full rhinoplasty required to narrow the bridge? If the […]

Addressing thick nasal skin in Hispanic nose job patients

Are there general things that Hispanic patients want changed about their nose with rhinoplasty? Some of the more common requests I hear from my Hispanic patients who seek rhinoplasty include a desire to refine the appearance of the nasal tip and narrow the nostrils. The nasal tip refinement in Hispanic patients can be a challenge […]

Chin Implant Surgery in Socal

I’m interested in getting a chin implant in Newport Beach but I’m concerned about how it will look and feel afterward. Does it feel unnatural? The chin implants I use are made of silicone and anatomically shaped to coincide with the patient’s chin.  These implants are placed in a small pocket and stitched into place, […]

Fixing the appearance of a scar on a child

What scar revision techniques are best for children? It depends upon the scar. If a scar is relatively new (less than 1 year old), then I would recommend conservative measures such as silicone-based scar medication, sunscreen, and time to allow the scar to fully heal. There are several types of scar revision techniques available, from […]

Asian Nose Job in Newport Beach

I’m Asian and have a very thick nose. I would like this refined. How is this done? My method for nasal tip definition is a graduated approach. First, I use suturing techniques to achieve more refinement of your tip cartilages. In thick skin patients, this tends to provide minimal refinement of the nasal tip. Therefore, […]

Breaking nose to fix a bump

I have a very small bump on the bridge of my nose. Does removing this mean that my nose has to be broken during my rhinoplasty? Not necessarily. If the bump is small, then the nasal bones may not need to be broken.

Septoplasty or rhinoplasty for a septum hole

I have a hole in my septum. Can this be fixed with rhinoplasty? Rhinoplasty refers to surgery to change the appearance of the nose. Septoplasty and repair of septal perforation can be performed at the same time as a rhinoplasty.

Healing after fracture during rhinoplasty

If the nasal bones are fractured during a nose job, does the recovery and healing take longer? If the nasal bones need to be re-positioned during rhinoplasty, you may experience more swelling and bruising after surgery. However, the overall healing process of the nose does not change dramatically. We inform rhinoplasty patients that a significant […]

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