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Ethnic rhinoplasty for a wide Hispanic nose

I’m a Hispanic male with a wide nasal base. I’ve been doing some research and came across the terms alar wedge and base reduction. Can you explain what these are if they’re the correct techniques? Alar wedge and base reduction refer to techniques to narrow the nasal base. If you have a wide nasal base, […]

Can fat taken out from liposuction be used on other areas of the body?

I am having neck liposuction in a month. Is it possible to use some of the harvested fat to have fat injections in my jowl area? It depends.  Usually, the amount of fat obtained from neck liposuction is not enough for facial augmentation.  However, if there is enough fat harvested from neck liposuction, then it […]

Can I combine a Botox surgery with a Browlift Surgery?

I am having a browlift surgery, and would like to have Botox done at the same time. Is this possible? How would you ensure that I don’t have a bad reaction to the Botox, while under anesthesia? I favor the use of Botox in conjunction with browlift surgery.  The reason for this preference is that […]

Is anesthesia applied differently for Ethnic Rhinoplasty compared to Caucasian Rhinoplasty?

I’ve heard that ethnic rhinoplasty is typically more difficult than Caucasian rhinoplasty. Does this mean that general anesthesia is usually needed? Is the surgery usually performed with the open technique? I use general anesthesia for nearly all my rhinoplasty procedures.  The reasons I favor general anesthesia include the protection of the airway.  During rhinoplasty, blood […]

Can I pair a face lift operation with a chin augmentation?

I have short chin that I have always been unhappy with. Now that I am older and the skin is beginning to sag, I am interested in having a facelift to reduce my double chin. Can I have a chin augmentation at the same time? Yes, you can have a chin implant at the same […]

Orange County Chemical Peel

I am considering a chemical peel to improve the appearance of wrinkles under my eyes and larger pores on the rest of my face. What type of recovery will this entail, and how long to I need to stay home from work? There are different types of chemical peels available. The VI Peel is a […]

Removing a chin implant

I had a chin implant surgery done years ago, and want to reverse it. Do you suggest a new, smaller implant, or complete removal? It depends upon what it is about the current implant you do not like. If you feel the implant is large, it can be removed and replaced with a smaller one. […]

Asian eyelid surgery

I am Asian and interested in the opposite of a blepharoplasty, do you perform eyelid surgery to add a fold and “westernize” the eye area as well? It depends. Some Asian patients desire improvement in appearance of the eyelid without “westernizing” the eyelid. In these instances, there are options available.

Revision eyelid surgery – what are the concerns?

I had eyelid surgery done 15 years ago, and have recently become bothered by pockets of skin above and below my eyes. I believe I need a revision blepharoplasty surgery, but can I have upper and lower blepharoplasty done at the same time? Yes, you can have both upper and lower eyelid surgery performed at […]

Lip lift & augmentation for thin, downward turning lips

I have very thin lips, which seem to have gotten thinner with age. Lately I have noticed that they my lips also appear to be turning downwards, and I look like I’m frowning in photographs. Do I need a facelift to correct this? Are lip implants an option? Your options include non-surgical and surgical options. […]

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