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Narrowing the tip of a Middle Eastern nose without a dramatic change

I’m Middle Eastern with a bulbous nasal tip. I’d like to have the tip just slightly narrowed – I do not want a drastic change. Is this possible? Will the rest of my nose be left untouched? Yes, it is possible to achieve refinement of the nasal tip alone assuming this change will be in […]

Nose job to refine a bulbous tip – is it different for a biracial person?

I’m half Hispanic and half Asian. I have a bulbous tip that I would like refined and I would like the sides of the bridge narrowed. How is this done? The nasal tip refinement is achieved through a step-wise approach. I first attempt to achieve refinement of the nasal tip with your own nasal tip […]

Tissue removal in African American nose job

I’m African American and my nose is very flat but also very wide. To narrow it, would you remove excess tissue? And could this tissue then be used to build up my nose to make it less flat? The African American nose tends to have a wide nasal base.  One method to narrow the wide […]

Asian rhinoplasty with tip grafts

I’m 23, Asian American, and I’d like to get a nose job. What I want most is to have more definition added to my nasal tip. Does this require tip grafts? In my experience, Asian Americans tend to have thick nasal skin, weak/broad nasal tip cartilages. This combination usually results in the benefit of using […]

Will thick skin effect my ethnic nose job?

I keep hearing how Hispanics tend to have thick skin and that this affects the outcome of rhinoplasty surgery. What other factors are there in Hispanic patients that come into play? In addition to thick nasal skin, Hispanics tend to have weak, broad nasal tip cartilages, thus making refinement of the nasal tip a challenge. […]

Grafting material for African American rhinoplasty

I’m African American with a very flat, broad nose. What sort of grafting material would be used to build up my nose? I tend to prefer using your own cartilage when using grafts to the nose. The options available include nasal septal cartilage, ear cartilage, and rib cartilage. The choice depends upon your anatomy, your […]

Ethnic rhinoplasty to fix profile

I’m Armenian and I really don’t like that my nose looks much too large on profile. However, I do not want my nose over-reduced as I feel this would look artificial with my other features. What would you recommend? The large hump is usually both bony and cartilaginous in nature. I use a very delicate […]

Nose job to fix hump and low tip

My father is Iranian and I’ve inherited his nose. I have a large hump and the tip hangs down very low. I imagine that removing the hump would make the tip hang even lower so how would this be addressed? The large hump is usually both bony and cartilaginous in nature. I use a very […]

What are the key ingredients in sunscreen?

Skin cancer runs in my family, and I am obsessed with prevention of this hereditary conditon. Do moisturizers containing sunscreen really help? What should I be using? Thank you for your question and for taking a proactive apporach! A study published in the Archives of Dermatology reported the lack of protection against UVA-1 in daily […]

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