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How to find an ethnic rhinoplasty surgeon

I’m Latino and I’ve never liked my nose. I’d like to get a nose job, but I don’t want it too drastic. I know I need to find someone with experience in ethnic noses, but how do I find someone with experience in my specific nose. To Caucasians, Latinos are Latinos, but to us we’re […]

How is nostril reduction performed?

I’m of Southeast Asian descent. I’d like to have a nostril reduction. How is this performed? Nostril reduction is achieved by trimming some of the width of the nostril at the junction of the nostril and the cheek.  This incision is well hidden within the crease between the nostril and the cheek/upper lip.  For more […]

Is closed rhinoplasty an option for my African American nose?

I’m African American and I’d like to get a nose job. Is closed rhinoplasty an option for me or do African Americans typically need an open approach? Open or closed approaches depend upon surgeon, the patient, the patient’s anatomy, the patient’s desires for rhinoplasty, and the maneuvers needed to achieve those desires.  If a patient […]

Is the recovery following rhinoplasty any different for a patient of ethnicity?

Is the recovery following rhinoplasty any different for a patient of ethnicity? The recovery following rhinoplasty for a patient of ethnicity is usually the same.  One potential difference is the amount of swelling after surgery and how long the swelling takes to resolve.  The issue of swelling may be impacted by skin thickness.  Those patients […]

Can I just slightly reduce the hump on my nose?

I’m interested in ethnic rhinoplasty to address a hump on my nose. Can I just slightly reduce the hump rather than having it removed altogether? I use an instrument that enables me to shave down the bony hump delicately and accurately. It is different than the traditional rasp or osteotomy. It is an oscillating powered […]

Is ethnic rhinoplasty more complex than other rhinoplasty?

Is ethnic rhinoplasty considered more complex than other rhinoplasty? Rhinoplasty is a complex surgery. When performing an ethnic rhinoplasty, it is important for me to take into consideration the unique characteristics of the patient’s ethnicity as well as their desires. These unique characteristics include skin type, facial features, bone and cartilage structure of the nose, […]

Subtle or drastic improvements in rhinoplasty

I’m half Egyptian and I have a very big beak for a nose. If I were to have a rhinoplasty, do you suggest improving it just a little or drastically changing it? It depends upon your gender and other facial features.  Generally, males should have a stronger bridge of the nose, while women tend to […]

How do you fix fat nostrils?

I have what I think of as fat nostrils. Maybe this is because I’m Middle Eastern. How do you fix this with nose surgery? During rhinoplasty, we can perform nostril narrowing procedures. Well-designed incisions placed in specific areas can address a wide or fat nostril to narrow the nostril.  For example, a flared nostril is […]

I have a low nasal bridge, how do you fix it?

I have a low nasal bridge. I’m Asian. Would this require breaking the nose to fix it? Not necessarily. A low nasal bridge can be augmented with a variety of techniques.  One technique is non-surgical and involves injectable filler, such as hyaluronic acid (Juvederm) or calcium hydroxyapatite (Radiesse).  A longer lasting procedure is surgical (rhinoplasty) and […]

My Korean nose has a bulbous tip with a low but wide bridge

I’m Korean and I have a bulbous nasal tip with a low but wide bridge. I understand that this will require some type of implant. What is the best implant to use, goretex, silicone or my own cartilage? I prefer to use your own cartilage. The source of that cartilage may be the nasal septum, […]

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