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Is non-surgical rhinoplasty with fillers an option to even out a Jewish nose?

Is non-surgical rhinoplasty with fillers an option to even out a Jewish nose? You are referring to a nose that has a bump along the bridge of the nose. That bump is usually a combination of bone and cartilage. I use a very elegant surgical instrument designed to shave this bump with less trauma than […]

Is it better to perform rhinoplasty with a closed technique?

For patients of ethnicity who are prone to keloid scarring, is it better to perform rhinoplasty with a closed technique? Is it possible for keloids to form inside of the nose then and would this have any negative impact after surgery? The risk of keloid scar following an open (aka external) rhinoplasty is very rare. […]

Do you offer earlobe repair

Do you offer earlobe repair, or “ear jobs” at your Orange County plastic surgery practice? I do perform surgery to reduce the size of large earlobes, or repair torn earlobes due to heavy earrings. Also, I perform surgery to address the changes to the earlobes that can occur following a facelift. This change results in […]

Middle Eastern nose is droopy

My nose is too droopy, especially in the tip. I’m Middle Eastern and I would like to know how you would fix this without making me look too Westernized. The appearance of a droopy tip may be related to a variety of factors. One is excess septal cartilage that is “driving down” the nasal tip; […]

Can you fix my broad nasal structure without making me look too anglo?

I am a 27-year-old Hispanic woman. I have my family’s nose, which includes a very wide nasal bridge and wider nostrils. How would you fix these things but still retain my Hispanic identity? If you have wide nasal bridge on frontal view and good appearance or hump to the bridge of the nose on profile […]

Tip of Pakastani nose is very undefined

I have a very large, undefined nasal tip. I’m Pakistani. How do you refine the tip? I refine the nasal tip through a variety of methods. First, I use suture technique to refine the cartilage of your nasal tip. Most of the time, this technique achieves the desired result. In ethnic noses, such as your […]

Chin implant and rhinoplasty at the same time, can it be done?

I’m Jewish and I have a small hump on my nose that I would like to fix. I also feel like I have a small chin. When I get rhinoplasty, would it be possible to have a chin implant at the same time? When evaluating the profile view of the nose, it is important to […]

Will fillers fix the hump in my nose?

I’m Middle Eastern and I have a slight hump on my nose that I would like to improve. Are injectable fillers an option? How do they disguise a hump? Injectable fillers can be placed above the hump (in an area called the radix) and below the bump (in or near an area called the supratip) […]

I’m Middle Eastern, what can be done about the bulbous tip of my nose?

How would you correct a large or bulbous nasal tip as seen in many Middle Eastern noses? I address large/bulbous nasal tip in Middle Eastern noses using a graduated approach. First, I like to use suturing techniques to achieve refinement of your nasal tip cartilages. Sometimes this is all that is required for refinement of […]

What features are addressed in ethnic rhinoplasty?

What are some characteristics most often seen in ethnic noses that people want changed with rhinoplasty and how are these changes achieved? The most common requests my patients have when it comes to ethnic rhinoplasty are refinement of the nasal tip and minimizing the appearance of a bump along the bridge of the nose. They […]

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