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I need more information about neck lifts.

I have a wrinkled neck with folds of loose skin. I think a neck lift would help me tremendously. Where are the incisions located for this? How long does complete recovery take? I am 61 and in excellent health. Based on your description of wrinkled neck skin with folds and loose skin, I agree that […]

Full lips with natural appearance

How can I get my lips to be thicker and fuller without going overboard and looking like Angelina Jolie? I prefer hyaluronic acid fillers, such as Juvederm, to provide fuller lips. I agree with your desire to avoid too much augmentation and I prefer using Juvederm to add volume to the lips in a natural […]

Latisse side effects

Are there any side effects to using Latisse? Latisse has its origins in a glaucoma medication called Lumigan. Lumigan is directly applied inside the eye. When using Lumigan directly applied to the eye, there is potential for change in color of the iris of the eye. Latisse is not applied inside the eye. Latisse is […]

Help! I’m confused about what laser is right for me

I’ve been reading up online about laser skin resurfacing. I’m a little confused, since I’ve read about CO2 lasers, Fraxel lasers, Dot lasers, etc. What might be the best laser skin resurfacing treatment for a 42-year-old woman with freckles and sun damage on the face, neck, and décolletage? Traditional CO2 lasers treat the skin in […]

What can I do about my sagging neck?

I’m 58 and I feel that I look pretty good for my age; everyone always thinks that I’m younger. However, over the past year or so, my neck has begun to get really saggy. What are my options for improving the contour of my neck? You have a few options to address your concerns for […]

I’m an adult – is it too late to have ear surgery?

I’ve heard ear surgery is often performed on children. I wish I’d had it as a kid because I was always teased and called Dumbo. I’m an adult now and my ears still bother me. Is it possible to have surgery now? Yes, it is possible to have surgery to re-shape your ears as an […]

Will insurance cover my rhinoplasty if I have a deviated septum?

I’m 34 with health insurance. I’m interested in a rhinoplasty mostly for cosmetic reasons, but I also have a deviated septum that I would like to have repaired. Is it possible for my insurance to cover a procedure in which both problems are corrected? Or would I have to get two separate surgeries and pay […]

What is the risk of hearing loss with otoplasty?

I am the parent of a child who I believe is a good candidate for otoplasty. How big is the risk, if any, for hearing impairment as a result of this procedure? Risk of hearing loss following otoplasty is extremely rare. The surgery is designed to change the appearance of the outside of the ear […]

Injectable fillers for lip augmentation – which one?

What type of injectable filler is most commonly used in the lips? I prefer to use hyaluronic acid filler, such as Juvederm, for the lips. The reason for this is that hyaluronic acid fillers are soft, safe, and very well tolerated in the lips. I combine this with a dental block to make the injection […]

Eye color changes with Latisse

I’ve heard that Latisse can change the color of your eyes. Is this true regardless of color? When used properly, the risk of Latisse changing the color of your eye is extremely rare. In fact, the data regarding potential for eye color change is from studies of prostaglandin-type medication used directly in the eye for […]

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