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From start to finish, how long does a facelift take? Can the procedure take place in my doctor’s office, or will I need to go to a hospital? I prefer to perform facelift surgery at a surgery center. It is a fully accredited center and we use board certified Anesthesiologists as well as a wonderful […]

What is ‘open roof deformity’ in reference to a rhinoplasty?

What is ‘open roof deformity’ in reference to a rhinoplasty? How can this be avoided or fixed? An open roof deformity is a term used to describe the appearance of the nose after a large dorsal hump reduction. When a large dorsal hump is reduced, the bridge/dorsum of the nose appears flat…this is an open […]

I am 28 years old and in a profession where looks are everything.

I am 28 years old and in a profession where looks are everything. I really enjoy looking at before and after pictures of nose jobs and have chosen the type of nose that I would like to get. I know that rhinoplasty must cause black eyes and bruising. How long is it before a nose […]

My nose is too narrow and I have finally decided to get rhinoplasty surgery.

My nose is too narrow and I have finally decided to get rhinoplasty surgery. This was not a quick decision; I have been contemplating surgery for almost two years. What will you use to make my nose wider, some of my own tissue? Does this procedure require incisions outside the nose? I appreciate the fact […]

Risk of infection with a gortex nasal implant

I am 38 years old and had a gortex implant placed in my nose about 6 years ago. Recently, a red color has appeared on the spot where the implant was placed. What antibiotics should I use to treat this? Does this mean I should potentially have the implant removed? There is a possibility that […]

Choosing between Botox and a Facelift

What is the difference between getting Botox and having a facelift? Which one is better for wrinkles and sagging in the facial skin? Botox minimizes the appearance of lines formed from muscle activity, such as frown lines, forehead creases, and crow’s feet. Botox is performed in the office. It takes approximately 4-7 days to show […]

Plastic surgery consultation details

What happens during a facelift consultation? Is there a chance my doctor will tell me not to have the surgery? The first part of the consultation includes a skin care analysis and introduction to our practice. Then, I meet with you and discuss your desires. I examine the areas of concern. I review my findings […]

Driving home after plastic surgery

I am 68-years-old and I am seeking a facelift procedure, but I live alone and my family lives at least an hour away from me. Is it possible to drive myself home after the facelift surgery? You should not drive yourself home after surgery. In fact, you should make arrangements to have someone stay with […]

Correcting a Double Chin

I am a 61-year-old female and in the past 10 years I have developed a double chin. No matter how much I exercise or diet my chin remains in its unattractive state. Would a facelift correct this problem? How? There are many definitions for the term “facelift.” When I say a facelift, I am referring […]

Can Insurance pay for Rhinoplasty?

Does insurance cover the cost of a rhinoplasty as a result of a horrific car accident? Your insurance MAY cover the cost of a functional septorhinoplasty that is caused by a car accident. During my initial evaluation of you, I record the cause of the injury, the care you received following the accident, and the […]

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