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Is their any way to remove the hair in chin?

I am getting a face lift but I have aquestion, I have with a moderate amount of white facial hair on my chin which i shave off every day. “Will the hair in that area be in a different spot if I get a face lift? Is their any way to remove the hair in […]

I am a 61 year old African American male looking into a midface lift

I am a 61 year old African American male looking into a midface lift. Are there any particular considerations for my skin type as opposed to a facelift performed on someone Caucasian? As an African American, you may be at risk for keloid formation at the scar. While a surgical midface lift provides excellent results, […]

Chemical Resurfacing

I am looking into a facelift as well as chemical resurfacing. Can these be done in conjunction? If so, in what order are they typically performed? Facelift and skin resurfacing can safely be performed at the same time. Skin resurfacing includes chemical peel and laser resurfacing. Within the realm of laser resurfacing, I find the […]

I am a 42 year old woman with no health concerns

I have begin researching facelifts and I read often that some people are better “candidates” than others. I am a 42 year old woman with no health concerns, but what are other considerations? Your overall health is an important component when I consider whether you are a good “candidate” for a facelift. To that end, […]

Can you tell me what the Serdev Suture Midface Lift is?

I have begun reading blogs about facelifts. Can you tell me what the Serdev Suture Midface Lift is? Is it safe and/or effective? Research studies published in the medical literature have shown thread lifting techniques provide short term results. Thread lifting is a technique that uses a specially designed suture to lift the tissues of […]


I am a 43 year old woman scheduled for a facelift next month. What facial products are recommended to precondition my skin for the surgery? I believe that proper skin care is an essential component to facial rejuvenation. As such, we incorporate an extensive skin care consultation to evaluate your skin condition and make recommendations […]

Injectable Filler

What is Juvederm and what is it used to treat? Juvederm is an injectable filler. It is made of hyaluronic acid which is a substance that is found naturally in our bodies. Unlike collagen, which may require allergy testing, Juvederm does not require allergy testing. We use Juvederm to add volume to specific areas of […]

Would the results of liquid facelift be temporary or permanent?

I am wondering whether I can achieve anywhere near surgery-like results from a liquid facelift? Would the results be temporary or permanent? The term liquid facelift refers to a procedure designed to lift specific areas of the face with filler material to provide a more youthful appearance. Essentially, studies have shown that over time we […]

What exactly is this weekend facelift?

I am a 25-year-old woman with two children. I have heard the term weekend facelift and would definitely be interested in something quick and easy. What exactly is this and is it safe? First, if you are 25 years old, I question whether any type of facelift would be the appropriate option for you. I […]


I had Botox injections about a week ago which have successfully made the lines in the middle of my forehead disappear. Unfortunately the sides of the forehead lines are still there and it looks really awful. Why did this happen and will it resolve on its own? Will I need to have this fixed and […]

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